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Criss Angel Fans

Criss Angel Fans
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This community is for Loyals (fans) of Criss Angel. We will have media, pics, icons, desktop wallpapers, discussions, fan fiction, stories, anything Criss related! So join up and post! We have only a few basic rules!

  • ○ NO flaming, insults, bickering, etc.

  • ○ If you post pics please use an LJ cut, if you need help with that, please ask!

  • ○ Any icon/avatar posts can have up to three teasers before the LJ cut!

  • ○ Members may promote their own Criss Angel communities as long as it is done in a post that is relevant to the community. Any entries holding a community promo and nothing else will be deleted.

  • ○ NO drama...We hate drama...just..don't...DO IT! *smiles*

  • ○ Please keep your posts clean, we might have younger members! Thanks!

  • ○ Break the rules, you will get a warning...second warning will be a suspension of the ability to post, third is a ban.

Own a Criss Angel site? A Criss Angel community? Let Dimitri know and we will link you here! Got questions? Contact Dimitri or Vikki on the community!

Criss Angel Sites: 

Criss Angel Official Site

Mindfreak Connection



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